Hongkong Apex Network Technology Co.Ltd

Hongkong Apex network Technology Co.Ltd. is a Mobile-Game Company. The company was founded in 2012, mainly engaged in network technology, network consulting, mobile games and other products research and development, promotion and operation. Since the establishment of the company, Texas Hold'em game series mobile game in mainland China made certain achievements, according to the company's overseas strategy deployment, 2015 will be in English and Thai version of the main push products. Among them, Honour Texas Hold’em Poker as Thailand's first product, will be in June or July issue.

About Poker Gamesd

Honour Texas Hold'em poker is a new poker game which is really support the real-time voice. It can let you find the real Texas Hold'em Poker experience personally when you play our game.

Texas Hold'em Poker is the most popular, most fun and most exciting poker game. The rules are simple and easy to use, but also strategic and exciting. In addition to relying on your luck, showing your strategy and technology are also important. Whether you are a newbie, or a master who have the pursuit of stimulation, you can find fun here.

this game will bring you a better feeling of game experience. In addition, our game adds more social elements: real-time voice chat, playback, searching friends in same city, custom shortcut words and so on. Here, you can make new friends.